Monday, July 18, 2011


            Where’s the post? Where, indeed. I’ve been working on the damn thing seems like forever, but it won’t allow itself to be finished. Thought I had it knocked yesterday—pared-down text (under 600 words, a major miracle for a lexophiliac like me); pictures were taken or downloaded, then uploaded into Picasa, and we’re ready to roll, right?


            As you probably know, Google is updating its image to faster, stronger, free-er or something like that. I don’t really get it. Anyway, a side effect of this cyber-makeover is occasional mysterious disappearances of information, screen freezes, cryptic fugue states, and having my account closed out every ten minutes. The pictures wouldn’t load. After several attempts to get them where I needed them to be, I decided to sign back in for the 34th time, check email (nothing critical there), and turn the machine off.

            Where’s the post? Stuck in Word and Picasa. To my credit, I only swore a little bit, and didn’t slam or throw anything.

            Plus Tim and I are back to work and the heat makes me headachy and cross. I’m watering all the plants in my yard by hand, er, hose, which takes 75 minutes a time and needs doing every freakin’ day. Then there was the food poisoning incident (not life-threatening, entirely my own fault—I knew that broccoli slaw was past its sell-by date).

            Okay, I’m done whining. Just wanted you to know I’m still out here, plugging crankily along. I will try the pictures again, as soon as the Tylenol kicks in and my eyes open all the way. Keep a good thought for me, and thanks for dropping by.